Boatim Inc. announces the launch of Smart Connected Inventory for boat dealers as worldwide demand for boats and yachts continues to grow

While other industries are struggling, the boating industry is experiencing an all-time high—an all-around boating boom. So much so, dealers in the US are reporting inventory shortages and difficulties meeting demand, according to the New York Times[4]. This is validating market signs for Boatim’s approach and ambitious roadmap, as they continue to grow with more investments and talent joining the Miami and Barcelona headquartered tech-company.

About Boatim Inc.

Boatim Inc. (OTCQB: BTIM[5]) is a globally operating online marketplace and special interest social network for both the boating industry and boat users.

Boatim was founded in 2014 and now employs 21 people in Miami (USA) and Barcelona (Spain). The technology startup provides industry-specific software, aimed at facilitating the process of buying and selling boats online.

On[6] the boating industry can sell and promote products and connect with a fast-growing potential customer base, while boat users can explore and buy boats, connect with like-minded and brands. The platform that can be accessed through mobile devices and desktop, generates revenues through listing placements and subscription plans, as well as on-platform ads. Thanks to the great business model scalability, more revenue streams are planned to be added soon.

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