Boatim Inc. announces the launch of Smart Connected Inventory for boat dealers as worldwide demand for boats and yachts continues to grow

With new dealers like Yachtside[3] in Monaco being one of the first clients using Smart Connected Inventory, Boatim is building traction in Europe and the United States by looking for new and better ways to keep up with the increased demand from boat buyers around the world. “The short-notice cancellation of the Cannes Yachting Festival meant that dealers and brokers were unable to connect in the traditional way,” says Matthew Grady, Head of Sales at Boatim. “We have adapted to this current environment and moved everything we could into digital. Meaning that manufacturers, dealers, buyers, and sellers are able to connect with us and each other over our platform online,” adds Grady.

Boatim’s strength is its ability to react quickly in ever-changing circumstances and stay ahead of evolving customer needs, this approach will effectively solve problems within the industry for boat sellers. “Recreational boating defies the pandemic crisis according to latest market reports, as we see a tremendous change in consumer behavior that shifts to local and near-home activities,” shares Burkert, resulting in an increase of demand for boats and yachts in the US and Europe—and a compound annual growth rate of almost 4% during the forecast post-COVID period.

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