Boatim Inc. announces the launch of Smart Connected Inventory for boat dealers as worldwide demand for boats and yachts continues to grow

MIAMI, Aug. 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Boatim Inc.

Boatim Inc (OTCQB: BTIM[1]), a global marketplace and online community for buying and selling boats and yachts, announces today the launch of their Smart Connected Inventory. The company’s latest product as part of its vision to build the next generation of digital maritime marketplaces. This first product in a line of upcoming innovations will help dealers and brokers to manage and market their inventory more easily and sell their boats faster.

Smart Connected Inventory allows boat sellers to onboard all their listings from multiple sources on the newly launched[2] platform. Boatim’s focus on data-driven and user-centered solutions take the pain out of bringing large boat inventories online and distributing them on their digital marketing channels.

“We have reached a milestone in our journey of digitization and innovation in the maritime industry, by putting our customers first and solving one of their biggest blockers to leveraging digital marketing channels. Uploading and maintaining all your listings is a time-suck. Our Smart Connected Inventory is an easy way to get around that and focus on marketing your inventory,” says Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Patrick Burkert. Followed by Chris Roy, Chief Product Officer: “Given the fact that many dealers and brokers struggle to manage and maintain a suite of marketplaces and tools just to sell their inventory—it’s clear that our vision of using the latest technology to streamline these processes solves a real need. Smart Connected Inventory is just the beginning.”

With new dealers like Yachtside[3] in Monaco being one of the first clients using Smart Connected Inventory, Boatim is building traction in Europe and the United States by looking for new and better ways to keep up with the increased demand from boat buyers around the world. “The short-notice cancellation of the Cannes Yachting Festival meant that dealers and brokers were unable to connect in the traditional way,” says Matthew Grady, Head of Sales at Boatim. “We have adapted to this current environment and moved everything we could into digital. Meaning that manufacturers, dealers, buyers, and sellers are able to connect with us and each other over our platform online,” adds Grady.

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